Reporting live and direct from an undisclosed location deep in the catacombs.I’ve been off the grid tweaking and adjusting the frequencies, creating new music. The shift is in full swing, and the currency is intense right now, motivating me to finish up The Quickening Vol. II The Acceleration in order to have it ready for an early 2012 release.  I will officially be releasing the video for “The Question”(Directed by Rick Foy, Produced by Khrysis) soon as well as sharing some live performance footage of “The Godian” in rare form. I also have Kil Ripkin Ka logo t shirts in the works, and for the sistas, “Medicine for Mommy” baby tees. Until then, please continue to enjoy and support the other projects I currently have available on the Kil Ripkin Bandcamp site, available for download and on CD, “The Quickening Vol. 1 and “Medicine for Mommy”. You can click on the covers below to be redirected to the site. Peace and Love.


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