Kil Ripkin (Akil S. El) is an Moorish American rapper/producer born New York, raised in the Coney Island secttion of Brooklyn.  Kil a veteran in KIL RIPKIN is a force to be reckoned with. He navigates tracks with the energy, confidence and finesse of that conjures the spirit of fellow Brooklynite Notorious B.I.G. KIL’s technique is all his own, creating a perfectly balanced vibration of science, streetlife and storytelling, he paints lyrical pictures shaped by his experiences and spiritual life style as a Mooorish American Grand Shiek there in a fashion that people from every corner of the globe can relate to. Kil is also masterful at writing conceptually and infusing knowledge into every line without beating his listeners over the head or talking down to them.

KIL RIPKIN is one of hip hop’s best kept secrets.  Lovingly referred to as “The Godian”, his distinctive musical ability was groomed in the early 90’s working with and learning under the engineering tutelage of singer songwriter, producer and engineer Don Newkirk.   turned the head of DJ Premier, which laid the foundation for a long standing relationship for his crew The Coalescence with the living legend. The Coalescence’s single “Promises” was nominated for multiple Underground Music Awards, including “Single of the Year”. Respected by music enthusiasts and peers alike, he’s mentioned amongst the favorite MCs/lyricists of Kam Moye (Supastition) and Internal Affairs, radio and T.V. personality, Torae.

With each of his projects, KIL continually raises the bar lyrically and artistically while mesmerizing his listeners with no holds barred subject matter, knowledge of self and a gift for storytelling /narrative. He released the first in a series of albums that provide a soundtrack for the grand shift humanity is currently experiencing titled “The Quickening” in 2010. This was followed by an EP honoring and uplifting women “Medicine for Mommy” in 2011. KIL then released the second album in “The Quickening” series, “The Quickening 2: Acceleration in 2013.  His powerful energy resonates through every line no matter the track or topic so much so that KIL RIPKIN is guaranteed to make you “fall in love with how he does it”.

Kil’s latest full-length album Medulla Oblongata Rap (M.O.R.) released February 9th, 2018 on Torae’s (Barrel Brothers, Revolt TV, SiriusXM) Internal Affairs Records (in association with Soulspazm), is a conceptual work of art detailing the fall of man and a the re-birth process.

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Moor Album Cover


KIL_Open Car Door

Rip blazing the Beats and Lyrics stage at A3C Music Festival 2009, ATL. GA


One thought on “Bio

  1. YO kil is brooklyn all da way all i play is kil ripken and m.o.p ,ppl need to feel da truth of hip hop comin from kil listen ppl that dude is da truth….. brooklyn C.I we wit u all da way kid.

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